South Carolina Lunch 09-17-13


SC Pot Luncheon Sept. 17th, 2013  Myrtle Beach, SC

                                     Sitting L-R   

JAY Dickens-Wenedy Swindell-Maryanne Herren-Prater-Rocky Gray

                                      Standing L-R

Karl Marzolf-Bill Swindell-Doug Glover-Dan Wetsel-Ken Atwood-John 

Randy Williamson-Donnie Simmons

We had 3 special guests.

Bill Swindell former Vol. Gaithersburg 4 years. Bill just retired from W Palm Beach, FL. Fire 

Dept. with 28 years of service.

Randy Williamson, Retired MC F&R  Donnie Simmons with 925 days to retirement.

Karl Marzolf drove his 1965 Mac C-95  F open cab to lunch.  Next luncheon we will all

get a ride in it.