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I spoke to Twylia 

this morning

. The surgery didn't go as well as they hoped. They got as much as they could of the tumor but couldn't get it all because of the location.

Ed Pyles is currently in rehab. The left side of his body is weak but he's working through it.

They are requesting no visitors.

If you'd like to send a card, their address is:


Continued thoughts & prayers are appreciated.


 11 2017
Hello Everyone:

I have some great news! Joey McNeece is finally at HOME!  He is resting to re-gain his strength.  Further, Joe is in an out-patient physical rehab program as he gets better and stronger.  I hear that he is considering running in a marathon sometime this fall (plus he is 50+ pounds lighter too)…..
Please take a minute to send Joe a note and get the update from the “horse’s mouth”….

 I have Joey's email address

Update on John Repass: July 11 2017

Talked to John Repass's wife on July 6th. John  has been moved to Rockville Nursing Home, 303 Adclare Road, Rockville MD 20850. His wife, Carolyn said that John would love to have visitors. Carolyn said that John has a lot of good days.April 7, 2017


April 7, 2017

Update: Joe McNeece

Dad is finally out of the hospital.  He is at a better rehab facility and is in better spirits. He has bridged over to taking the Coumadin, and the two small blood clots that are remaining in his right leg will dissolve with the medicine. The swelling is gone from his arms, and he just has the small amount of swelling in his right leg. He is working with therapy twice a day, is able to stand and he is working hard to pick up some speed with walking. Thank goodness he did not have any residual effects from all of these medical issues. He continues to take one day at a time. I am hoping by the end of the month he will be able to go home. Please keep him in your prayers.  Karen